Ramadhan Gifts 2024


This Ramadhan, your purchases have extended much-needed assistance, joy, and relief to over 23,494 underprivileged individuals in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Makkah, Egypt, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Togo.


Sahur & Iftar Packs:

100% of the purchased packs have been distributed in Palestine, Syria, Makkah, Egypt, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Togo.

Family Food Basket:

100% of the purchased baskets have been distributed in Yemen. We allocated all food basket orders for Yemen based on current needs analysis.

Water Pump:

The construction of purchased water pumps is currently underway in 4 countries. 30% of the orders have been completed. The remaining water pumps are on schedule for completion, subject to ground limitations such as weather. We will update individual customers from time to time on the status of each water pump. For any enquiries, please contact us at +65 9373 9095

Braille Al-Quran:

The printing and production of the Braille Qurans are currently taking place in India and are expected to be completed for distribution within 1 to 2 months. In the meantime, we have taken the initiative to print and distribute Braille religious books, to those in need in Malaysia.

Women, Baby and Medical Essential Set:

100% of the purchased sets have been distributed in Palestine. We allocated all essential set orders for Palestine based on current needs analysis.

Please visit our social media for fulfilment updates. The fulfilment gallery will be available below for your reference.

We extend our gratitude to all our customers, whose purchases have made this campaign a success






Sahur & Iftar Packs and Family Food Basket

Al-Quran Braille

Clean Water Well