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7th January 2024

Berita Harian

3,500 congregants attended ‘Subuh Macam Jumaat’ at Masjid Yusof Ishak organized by Al-Fajr SG

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9th AUGUST 2023

Mothership SG

Al-Fajr's Initiative to commemorate National Day by giving thanks to migrant workers with biryani and drinks

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6th March 2024

Detik Semasa

Doing Dakwah Online

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16th January 2024

Berita Harian

How Donjany and Al-Fajr motivates youth to be close with the religion

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  • Hamzah Salim


    Hamzah plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning and growth of the company. He oversees all operational aspects, from logistics to customer service, ensuring that Al-Fajr delivers exceptional products and services to its audience. His dedication and expertise drive Al-Fajr towards its goals of fostering hope and renewal within the Islamic community.

  • Noor Tijany


    Noor Tijany is a seasoned islamic content creator aka Donjany. As the founder of Al-Fajr, he has spearheaded the brand's growth and established it as a prominent presence in the inudstry. He also serves as the head of marketing, leveraging his expertise to drive impactful campaigns and elevate brand visibility. His dedication to creativity and strategic thinking has garnered recognition and success.

  • Qawiyaro


    Qawiyaro is known in Malaysia for his Quranic Challenge. As a respected figure in the community, Qawiyaro champions the importance of initiatives that uphold Islamic principles. Through his unwavering commitment to social responsibility and da'wah, he will inspire others to join the journey towards positive change and empowerment.

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